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Our first Miata is retired ...today

Tuesday Dec 08, 2009 

If you read the editorial before this one, it tells about how we found our Blue race car Number 04.   It now has 24,100+ Racing miles on it.   Amazing amount of racing, lots of endurance racing, lots of sprint racing.   Its on its second crate motor, Willie put a hole in the side of one, and Patrick dropped a valve on another spare engine.  Michael had one rear end break, Willie had another, Patrick finished one race with only 1st, 4th and 5th gear and another with only 1st and 5th gear. We had one race we could not start because the transmission seemed to be locked in reverse and 1st.  And one we could not finish because the car will not run on diesel fuel, no clue how Audi and VW do it. ( We still came in third in class)

I don't believe that we could ever ask for more from any one car, it was better than anyone could have ever expected.  It will be missed and I don't believe that anything we build from this point on will ever meet the bar that was set so high by this unit. 

We made a decision to cut the unit up and not sell it as it had too many repairs over the 7 years it existed.  It became a frequent flier on the frame machine, time to put it to rest and have the metal come back as something else in life.

Two NER Endro Championships
Two Second places in NER Endro Championship series
One 1st place in the Kumho Endro Series.
1st place in its first 24 hour race.
1st place in its second 24 hour race.
More trips to the podium than we can count.
More fun than any driver could ask for, for so little.

Thanks Mazda for designing such a great car.

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